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AVA Pressure Washers

AVA Master P70 X-Large Pressure Washer Bundle


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The Master series is designed with a focus on user-friendliness. This machine has a long-lasting 4-cylinder metal pump for durability and performance. It is extremely stable due to extendable front support, low centre of gravity, and our “follow me” hose reel. The P70 XL is a large pressure washer and therefore equipped with big, sturdy wheels and a handle on the back for carrying.


  • 4 cylinder metal pump.
  • 8m Steel reinforced hose.
  • “Follow-me” hose reel.
  • Stable with a low centre of gravity.
  • Includes AVA’s unique Zoom Lance.
  • Basic Patio Cleaner for decks and harder surfaces.

The AVA Master is ready right out of the box, no assembly is required. The Master was designed to get rid of all the old problems pressure washers had: tilting and falling over, cheap plastic water filters, and stiff unmanageable hoses. These issues, and more, are a thing of the past with an AVA Master. Get right to it, get cleaning, and get the satisfaction of a job well done.


In the box

  • Pressure Washer
  • Zero Force Pistol
    As the name suggests, this gun has a Zero-Force trigger which ensures minimal strains on your hand while cleaning. With up to 90% less force required, you can hold the trigger with just one finger!
  • 20/60 Vario nozzle
    The AVA Vario Nozzle is a fan favourite. With the ability to switch between a 20° and a 60° spray with a simple twisting motion, it covers most everyday situations.
  • Turbo Nozzle
    The turbo nozzle is the most powerful in AVAs nozzle arsenal. It combines the power of a 0° nozzle with the coverage of a 20° nozzle.
    *On the images below, the ava zoom lance is attached to the vario and turbo nozzle
  • Zoom lance
    The AVA Zoom Lance is kind to your back no matter your height. The lance is adjustable from 63 to 96 centimetres.
    *On the image below the Vario nozzle is attached to the lance.
  • Foam Cannon w/ 0.8L Soap bottle
    The AVA Foam Cannon creates a thick layer of long-lasting foam that clings to every surface. Exactly how much foam the cannon sprays can be adjusted.
  • Our “Follow-me” hose reel comes with 8M Steel Reinforced Hose
    Our steel-reinforced pressure hoses can be used to extend the reach of all AVA pressure washers. Professional quality and high-grade rubber ensure high flexibility and a long lifetime.
    The AVA Basic Patio Cleaner is an efficient cleaner for your patios and other hard surfaces. It has a spindle and two 40° brass nozzles for high and long lasting performance.