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GYEON Q2 Tire – Satin Tyre Dressing


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The first SiO2 based dressing for tyres … that leaves a great satin -non shiny- finish that repels water and therefore dirt.

Q² Tire is great at repelling dirt and  due to being SiO 2 based is very durable. ensures at least a couple of washes. Its ability to penetrate into the rubber structure ensures that is keeps its effects visible for a long time.


Q² Tire not only protects tires, it also improves their looks and renews the appearance of the rubber. The visual effect lasts even after degradation of the hydrophobicity.


Q2 Tire can also be used on other areas of plastic trim that require a refresh without being glossy.

For tyres the trick is to ensure the surface is properly clean before application – use a tyre brush when cleaning..
Can be heated which opens the pores of the rubber and gives more of a matte finish and extends durability

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