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Ultra Glaco – Glass Sealant & Rain Repellent


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Ultra Glaco from Soft99 Hydrophic Glass Coating

Smeary glass is a pain in the ****.  Poor visibility is dangerous.

Welcome to the product that should solve both of these problems.  Easy to use, great results and amazing value for money. Ultra Glaco from Japan can give up to 12 months benefit on side glass but expect a little less on the windscreen if your wipers annihilate the protection!

Great hydrophobic properties – you can even get the “wiper-less” effect at speeds over 40mph

Easy to Use:

Clean your glass as normal

Shake the applicator

Squeeze the applicator against the glass lightly to release some liquid

Once you’ve released a small amount onto the glass, lift your pressure and coat the glass evenly. Re-squeeze the applicator when you need to

Leave for up to 15 minutes (it’ll dry white when it is ready to come off) and then buff with two lint free microfibers

*Detailer’s tip; if you struggle to remove the Glaco you’ve probably applied too much, Dampen a clean microfiber and that’ll help in removal, then make sure to buff well with the second cloth*

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