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F7 Fusso Coat Paint Protection


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Fusso = Protection!

Soft99 Fusso F7 from Japan comes from the same chemical family as the legendary Fusso Coat. This time the liquid form means that it is easier to use. The the trade off being a reduction in ultimate longevity but still lasts for seven months or more (which actually is a really long time!)

Great hydrophobics and beading and this sealant really does help to keep your car cleaner for longer between washes.

F7 is easy to apply in different temperatures and environments and is quick to use.

We are sure that you’ll love the results

Instructions for Use:

Shake the bottle well

Use the provided applicator and apply in a cross hatch pattern using light pressure (remember a little product goes a very long way)

After 10 minutes or so, it’ll haze up and show you it’s ready to come off the panels. Weather conditions may vary this time so maybe do one panel and see how it goes from there…..tough to remove, shorten the time, smeary to remove, lengthen the dwell time etc

Make sure you have a few microfibers for removal and always wash out the applicator in hot water as soon as you’ve finished

Avoid getting this on black matte trim and rubbers

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