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Soft99 King of Gloss Wax – Dark


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Soft99 King of Gloss – Dark

Soft99 are well known for the protection products, with King of Gloss being well known and loved.  This easy to use synthetic resin, leaves and incredible gloss and a really deep, wet look to dark paints. Like most Soft99 products, this one is super simple to use and gives great results in short time.  We stock two variants; light and dark.  In our experience, they don’t seem to add much colour either way after testing light on dark cars, and dark on light too, but it obviously makes sense to use dark on dark and light on light coloured paints

Only apply to freshly washed paintwork, ideally once it’s been degreased as well

Open the tin and be careful not to drop the supplied applicator

Run the applicator under a hot tap (partly to soften the applicator a bit, but also as damp applicators do a better job of evenly applying the product)

Gently twist the applicator in the sealant, and then apply this to your chosen panel in a hashtag pattern using light pressure only

Repeat until you’ve been “waxing” for about ten minutes and then buff off from your start point using two cloths (one to level and one to buff)

Stand back and admire your graft!

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