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Soft99 Rain Drop – Water Repellent Treatment – Soft99


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Rain Drop from Soft99

Rain Drop is a relatively new product and one that has proven very useful for protection all non-porous exterior surfaces really quickly.  The clever and unique thing about Rain Drop is that it can be considered as both a drying aid in terms of improving drying safety, as well as boosting hydrophobicity to bare, waxed or even coated paintwork

Shake well

Make sure the car is washed and rinsed properly

Spray Rain Drop directly onto the surface you want to dry and protect (surface must be wet)

Use two microfibers one to spread and one to buff off (expect to either use more than two cloths, or flip your towels regularly).  If you get it right you won’t get streaking.  If you either use too much product or don’t manage your cloths properly, you will get streaking.  This seems to fade over a day or so, but if you want it perfect, use a glass cleaner or panel wipe and start again; remember Rain Drop must be used on wet panels!!


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