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Soft99 Glaco De Cleaner – Glass Cleaner and Sealant


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Another clever product from the lab guys at Soft99 in Japan, a combined glass cleaner and sealant in one!

Glaco DeCleaner No rocket science in terms of usage.  Don’t use on screaming hot glass and use two towels with at least one being lint free.  This won’t protect like Ultra Glaco but you’ll still get a good hydrophobic effect that’ll help keep glass cleaner for longer.

A really nice product that we use often on exterior glass. Cleans well and is very quick and easy to use to get good smear free results. Glaco de Cleaner also provides long lasting hydrophobic effects and that “invisible wiper” effect at speed that people love.

Great value product that does what it’s supposed to… Can’t be bad!


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