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Gyeon Q2M SilkDryer Evo 70x90cm


In stock

Q²M SilkDryer EVO is an updated and improved version of one of the original, with absorbency up to 50% higher than before!

Every now and again something comes along that turns you into an excited 7 year old, for us it was the Q2M Silk Dryer from Gyeon EVO. Sure, there are lots of really good microfibres on the market but this one is different.

The microfibres are looped, it’s surprising to think this feature could make that much difference but it definitely does. The Silk Dryer soaks up water with ease, don’t be surprised to dry a panel with just one pass. This will help reduce any potential damage from marring or dragging. This is why Gyeon call this towel the Silk Dryer.

We truly believe that this Gyeon Silk Dryer EVO drying towel is going to be one of their best sellers so get your hands on it while you still can.

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