GYEON Tyre Brush


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Clean your rubber tyres and trim easily and get better looking results.

The GYEON Q2M Tire Brush is a chemical resistant, ergonomically shaped brush, designed to deep clean tire sidewalls, preparing them for the application of tire dressing. The bristles clean in to the the textured surface of the rubber.

Wheels and tyres get dirtier and can hold more grit than your car’s paintwork. Keep separate tools to ensure you don’t transfer debris from tyres to bodywork. Use a separate exterior detailing brush for bodywork.

The GYEON Q2M Tyre Brush features synthetic fibres that are stiff enough to agitate tire sidewalls but gentle on the wheels. These bristles are contained in a ergonomically shaped, chemical resistant handle to make tyre cleaning quick and easy.

This GYEON Tire brush combined with an All Purpose Cleaner (APC) or shampoo will ensure tire sidewalls are deep cleaned and ready for the application of a dressing. Clean tires will ensure the best looks and durability of your chosen tire dressing.

We recommend GYEON Tyre as a great satin (non-shiny!) tyre dressing. the worlds first SiO2 (ceramic) tyre dressing.

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