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Clay Bar from Bilt Hamber

There are 100’s of clay bars on the market and we’ve probably pretty much used them all. Of the myriad of clay products, we have chosen Bilt Hamber for ease of use and performance.

It has won “Best Clay Bar Award” for five years running in Auto Express magazine

The soft clay is the preferred option as this will still effortlessly remove the tiny debris that adheres to your car’s paintwork whilst being more usable in a variety of outside temperatures. Clay should be warmed a little before use (the warmer it is the softer it is)

Use individually small sections (say four to six from one box) and the tip is lots of lubrication and VERY little pressure. Literally let the clay glide softy over the paintwork for absolutely outstanding results.

Do not press too hard as this could mar the clear-coat and require polishing afterwards.

We recommend using a clay lube as this ensures the clay doesn’t “grab” and mark the paintwork.

Bilt Hamber clay is our recommendation.

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