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Pyramid Car Care

Pyramid Revival Shampoo


REVIVAL. The ultimate car shampoo from Pyramid. Blended with the highest quality surfactants, Revival has been developed to remove dirt and grime from the vehicle’s surface whilst not affecting any existing protection such as Wax or Ceramic Coatings.

As the name suggests this will also help revive ceramic coatings by cleaning away the contaminants that can adhere to the coating over time and lessen its hydrophobic properties. All this while remaining gentle.

This allows Revival to get in and get out, letting your protection do it’s thing. Revival is the perfect companion for our Ceramic Coatings.

For Regular Washing use 25ml in a bucket and fill with warm water. Agitate with wash mitt or pressure washer and apply to the top of the vehicle working down. Rinse thoroughly when done.

Detailer’s Tip: For a decontamination wash add 150ml of product with 850ml of water into a foam Lance. Apply citrus pre wash or fallout remover to the surface of vehicle and apply foam over the top. Leave to dwell for 2-3 minutes and rinse.

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