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AVA Pressure Washers

AVA P60 Evolution – Large Bundle


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AVA Evolution P60 Pressure Washer – Large Bundle

The hard working people at Gen X Garage have chosen our favourite pressure washer :  The AVA P60 Evolution.

This pressure washer offers higher flow rates than models costing twice the price, it has an All-Metal Pump with a safety cut-out, a 20 year warranty (yes 20 years!). The P60 draws up to 2100 watts which is in the safe zone and won’t trip the breakers in your (or your customer’s) house. It comes with the Vario Lance (three lance settings all in one lance with a simple twist) and it even comes with a snow foam cannon. This bundle also comes with a high pressure rotating nozzle attachment (which is NOT designed for use on cars! but suitable for heavily soiled patios, paths and stone). The machine is Fully Serviceable comes with metal fittings, steel reinforced hose and fittings are compatible with Karcher fittings, meaning you can use any patio cleaning or other fittings you may have. Scroll down for a full list of what’s included in the bundle.

Several years of customer feedback, combined with the AVA teams experience brought this Evolution to the market. In short, this is the Master, Evolved.

This workmate stores all the accessories you need, and keep it available at your fingertips. In addition to the 20 years warranty, we have one more guarantee: You will love it!

With maximum pressure of 145 BAR / 2,100 PSi the P60 is powerful enough for any job that you’re likely to use it for.

Evolution Series

  • Up to 20 meters of the hose can be attached to the hose reel. (8m steel reinforced hose supplied with this bundle)
  • Cable reel for the electric cable.
  • Toolholder and table to easily keep track of accessories.
  • Stable holder for foam cannon.
  • Solid Construction.
  • Easy roll wheels due to the axle mount.
  • V4 Pump : 4 Cylinder, solid, all metal pump – Long Life & Quiet
  • 20-year consumer warranty*
  • Vario Lance offering you the option to switch between a 20° and a 60° spray without changing nozzles
  • Steel reinforced hose  avoid annoying breaks and bends.
  • Low noise level.
  • Easy rest for the Zoom Lance.
  • AVA Zero-Force Gun
  • Short Nozzles.
  • Opportunity to use wide-spread nozzles combined with the gun or lance – Your Choice.
  • A wide range of available accessories contributes to making outdoor washing easier and effortless.
  • Twister bayonet system change accessories simple and efficient with a  twist.
  • Lock-nut on guns and lances for increased stability and quality feel.

Not only does this cost much less than any pressure washer of comparable quality and specification, it comes with zero force short trigger gun, snow foam cannon, vari-lance offering a wide spread of nozzle settings, saving you hundreds of pounds on accessories.

What’s in the box:

In the box:

  • Pressure Washer (the zoom lance is also included)AVA Evolution
  • Zero Force Pistol
    As the name suggests, this gun has a Zero-Force trigger which ensures minimal strains on your hand while cleaning. With up to 90% less force required, you can hold the trigger with just one finger!
  • 20/60 Vario nozzle
    The AVA Vario Nozzle is a fan favorite. With the ability to switch between a 20° and a 60° spray with a simple twisting motion, it covers most everyday situations.
  • Turbo Nozzle
    The turbo nozzle is the most powerful in AVAs nozzle arsenal. It combines the power of a 0° nozzle with the coverage of a 20° nozzle.
    *On the images below, the ava zoom lance is attached to the Vario and turbo nozzle

AVA turbo-, vario nozzle and zero foce pistol

  • Zoom lance
    The AVA Zoom Lance is kind to your back no matter your height. The lance is adjustable from 63 to 96 centimeters.
    *On the image below the Vario nozzle is attached to the lance.

AVA Zoom Lance with vario nozzle

  • Foam Cannon w/ 0.8L Soap bottle
    The AVA Foam Cannon creates a thick layer of long-lasting foam that clings to every surface. Exactly how much foam the cannon sprays can be adjusted.

AVA Basic Foam Cannon with bottle

  • Our “Follow-me” hose reel comes with 8M Steel Reinforced Hose
    Our steel-reinforced pressure hoses can be used to extend the reach of all AVA pressure washers. Professional quality and high-grade rubber ensure high flexibility and a long lifetime.

AVA Evolution P60

Technical Data:

  • Pressure: 145 BAR / 2,100 PSI (maximum)
  • Power: 2100 Watt
  • Max. Inlet temperature 40 °C
  • Supply rate min. 8.3 l/min
  • Siphon Capable
  • Rated Flow 7 litres per minute
  • Autostop function: Yes
  • 4 Cylinder, solid, all metal pump
  • Weight without accessories: 22.1 KG
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 40 x 38 x 74 cm