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AVA Pressure Washers

The Wash Bucket from AvA


Wash Bucket re-invented by AVA

The AVA Car Care bucket contributes to keeping your cleaning water cleaner during use. The bucket has an internal grid that forces the dirt away and prevents it from swirling back up. Because of this, the dirt is prevented from attaching itself to the sponge or cloth when you rinse it in the water.

Compared to a traditional grid bucket, the AVA Car Care Bucket ensures that there is up to 60% less dirt above the grid. You can fold the grid and use it as a bottle holder up to 6. If needed you can use the bucket as a stepping stool (MAX 100 Kg).

  • Carry with ergonomic handle
  • Measurement units inside bucket
  • Can be used as stepping stool (100 Kg max)
  • Wash your car with cleaner water, safely and more efficiently


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