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AVA Pressure Washers

AVA Brass Snow Foam Cannon


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The Brass Foam Cannon brought to you by AVA will produces a layer of long-lasting snow foam that clings to every surface, with an adjustable output to control exactly how much foam the cannon provides and utilises a high-quality stainless steel mesh filter to mix detergent, water and air.

Applying a snow white layer of foam is fun to do, makes your cleaning go by faster, and makes for a fully clean car, patio or other surface. Foaming first loosens dirt and grime at the molecular level, making your cleaning tasks easier to handle.

To adjust the foam output simply twist the dial to change the water/detergent balance from between 1%-5% detergent, giving you control and peace of mind that you only use as much or as little as you need.

The AVA brass foam cannon comes with an inclusive 0.8L foam bottle however most 1 litre bottles fit directly onto the foam cannon. The foam cannon is compatible with both AVA & Karcher domestic pressure washers with a pressure output of 110-160 bar.

Hints & Tips

  • Not all detergents have foaming agents. You can still apply them using the Foam Cannon, but they do not necessarily turn into thick foam.
    We recommend using Bilt Hamber Auto Foam or for vehicles with ceramic coating, we have the brilliant Pyramid Car Care Revival Shampoo.
  • The water flow from the pressure washer greatly impacts the mix ratio. Set the mix to a lower setting with smaller pressure washer models.
  • The thicker the detergent, the higher setting on the Foam Cannon is needed for a proper mix.
  • Due to these variables, it’s not possible to set an exact mixing ratio. The general rule is: Use the lowest possible setting that gives a desirable result.
  • Always spray a while with the bottle detached after cleaning, to properly rinse the inside of the Foam Cannon and prevent detergent from drying and clogging the product.

Another great product from AVA of Norway



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